I Metkao Famalåo’an Guåhan Para Sinestienen Ekunomia

IHFG is happy to launch the official Marketplace website for e-commerce to make online purchases of local products created by our very own famalåo’an. Products range from local jewelry to turmeric infused coconut oil created by the Chuuk Women’s Council. 

Congratulations to Mama Julie Benavente and to weaver Maria Barcinas for being awarded the I Metkao Grant! 

IHFG awarded Mama Jill Benavente ($10,000) and our very own Lia Barcinas ($7,000) for their businesses that are rooted in traditional livelihoods. Biba Jill and Lia! May your businesses flourish to make CHamoru women PROUD to be CHamoru!

This Grant was funded by the Pawanka Fund

Pawanka Fund was born as the Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Learning Fund in September 2014 in the midst of the United Nations World Conference on Indigenous Peoples. “Pawanka” is a Miskitu word meaning “growing and strengthening”.

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