General Membership

CHamoru woman or self-identifies as a CHamoru woman born on Guam or if born elsewhere of CHamoru ancestry, who is currently residing in Guam, and who is a person of good standing and moral character in the community. A person born and/or raised in Guam who is temporarily living elsewhere with the intention of returning back to Guam, including a person attending school and/or working off-island, is eligible for membership.

Student Membership

A person attending a school or institution.

Mangåffa Membership

General Membership extended to mothers, daughters, granddaughters, and/or sisters. Contribution: Based on income range above. $25.00(/yr) per additional family member.

Associate Membership

A person is not of or without CHamoru ancestry and must be married to, in a domestic partnership with, and/or in a familial, kinship and/or clan relationship with a CHamoru person.

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